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President, CEO 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our website. We appreciate every opportunity we get to provide logistics and freight management services to each and every customer we serve. Omada Worldwide is totally committed to delivering the highest level of service to meet your needs. We built our reputation by going above and beyond because we understand the role we play helping you keep your promises to your customers. Every member of our team knows the importance of being on time and on budget, they also understand that when we’re working for you, we represent your brand. We view every shipment as an opportunity to serve you and your customers to build and maintain trusted relationships.


Omada is an independent, family-owned transportation company with deep experience in expediting, domestic, and international freight. Our name, Omada, is Greek for team. We chose it because that’s who we are--a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in serving others. That’s who we are and what makes us different.


Our operations team works 24/7 to manage the details and handle any challenges that might arise, staying on top of things to make sure your freight gets to its destination on time. Any company can move freight from point A to point B, but what makes the difference is what happens in between.Call it Murphy’s Law, karma, or bad luck but like the t-shirt says “Things Happen”. What makes us different is that we train our people to expect the unexpected, to think proactively, and react quickly to get things back on track no matter what. It’s these times that test a team. We call them “Omada Moments” -- our chance to step up and do the real job you hired us to do.


When we started our company, we didn’t set out to be the biggest. We wanted to be the best. In a world that’s moving faster and faster, we see the opportunity to make it move a little better. We use all the latest technology but we use it to support great people who actually care about your shipment, your brand reputation, and your customer’s expectations. We strive to provide the highest level of service by providing tracking updates, communication, competitive pricing... and the best team in the business.





Bryan Hadley


Vice President, COO 

Well, we did it! Without further ado our launch date has come and we now get to present to you the many accomplishments we've made to Omada Worldwide this past year. Stage one was moving our entire operations to a prime location in Plainfield IN, right off of Ronald Reagan Pkwy, to increase our services for our customers needs. During our transition we made some changes to our administration to improve Omada Worldwide and keep the integrity of our business. We've added new team members that will be playing important roles within our organization who has a vision to grow Omada Worldwide into new territories, who stands behind our mission, and has the heart of Omada by providing our customers with the utmost excellence service. Because of our amazing team, we are anticipating 2018 to be one of our best year's yet!

Due to our expansion, Omada Worldwide will now have two divisions to place a greater focus on our customers needs. President and CEO of Omada Worldwide Expedite, Mr. Bryan Hadley, will continue to grow our Fleet division as I work to expand our territories in our Logistics and Warehousing divisions. We're looking forward to making 2018 one of our best year's yet!  



Vanessa Hadley

Vice President

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