Omada Worldwide was founded in 2006 with a vision of creating a global team of innovative, logistics professionals to manage the shift in the transportation industry. As the speed of business and technology advanced we saw a growing need to bring together great people who understood the demands of the market and the challenges of manufacturers to deliver not only products and materials, but a brand experience.

Our name, Omada is Greek for ‘Team’. We’re a 21st century team—new breed of professionals—experienced, seasoned, and in tune with the pace of business today. Our entire operation is designed to be proactive, to anticipate challenges, and to respond with speed and agility to get the job done no matter what. Because we realize every moment counts and every shipment is an opportunity to exceed expectations.


At Omada Worldwide we believe in...

Teamwork—We believe that the collaborative power of inspired, empowered individuals is the key
to meeting the challenges of today and capturing opportunities in a continuously changing world.

Honesty—We believe that honesty is the foundation of every relationship—internally and
externally—and that challenging times are no excuse for bending or breaking the rules, but instead
provide crucible where character is formed.

Excellence—We believe that everyone should strive to continuously grow and perform at their
highest level of capability and to use their skills as part of a dynamic team to deliver the level of
excellence that is demanded by the market and expected by our customers.

Message from Omada's CEo

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